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Client Feedback

“Many thanks for a lovely party; your work with these wonderful people is much appreciated; without you their lives would be very lonely – you have added greatly to their quality of life.” – M. Allen (Client's parent)

“Hydro pool session: I was reluctant at first but after a few minutes I relaxed and enjoyed the session! The gym assessment and chain strategies were very helpful. I learnt some basic exercises to do, carry on at home. Thanks, I would very much like to come back at visit again” – Cyrus Marcel (service user)

“The Pavilion has a very good selection of friendly staff and facilities” – Martin P (Member)

“Really impressed with the day centre as a whole. Lovely party and food. “- Leah (student nurse)

“This is my second day volunteering at the Pavilion and I have had a fantastic time. Day, I: Had a great session in Arts and Craft with the people present and enjoyed a yummy lunch! Day II: Enjoyed a session in the hydro pool with the therapist. It has inspired me to help with her more in the future. Thanks, Pavilion, I will spread the word and get more clients for you. Stayed to help out at craft workshop – excellent! :)” – Caroline

“It’s a wonderful place to come, chill out with some good people and be crazy at the same time” - Chris Hickman (client)

“A lovely day for everyone, with lots of enjoyable activities” – Stephen Allen (Client's Parent)

“The Pavilion has changed my life for the better! A beautiful space with beautiful people, you can’t help but become beautiful yourself! “- Flinton Chalk

“I enjoyed my visit to the Pavilion. I was welcomed by a member of staff. The centre itself id very good and staff were friendly. My visit was enjoyable. “– Raj Kaur (Client's Parent)

“I enjoyed taking part in the Christmas party and my son had a good time and a lot to eat. Very well organized.” – (Client's parent)

“I’m glad I could make to the Christmas party. Benjamin seemed to enjoy the music and had a good time. He was very calm as well. Well done for a good organized event” – Theresa (Client's parent)

“Having a lot of fun and enjoy my activities “– Jermaine (Member)

“Excellent party – well organized, service users and all very well treated and participated. Well done worked “– Evelyn B. George (Member's parent)

“I think it was a good day” – Barry (Member)

“A wonderful day here at the Pavilion Centre. Always good fun. “– DJ Silver Fox

“All staff polite and friendly; facilities excellent; brilliant to record with Jon. Igor been encouraging; I like the hydro pool; amazing space for many opportunities. Thanks, will continue to visit. “- Greg x (Member)

“Tanya had a really good session today getting her make up done by Raz. Fantastic. Fully enjoyed her day.” – Tanya and Sarah